I cannot say enough about this place and Dr. Amir Marashi.

I needed to have a serious surgery and my experience here was excellent. Every single staff member, from the front desk medical personnel to the anesthesiologist was excellent. Everyone was kind, concerned, caring, thorough and reassuring. Prior to my surgery, each person who was to take part explained in detail their role and what I was to expect. Another staff member even asked me directly if everyone explained their role and I if felt comfortable or had any questions.

Dr. Amir Marashi saved my life. He performed a minimally invasive surgery for a condition that put me at risk. Everything happened so fast and the facility sent me to surgery immediately based on finding results that they worked continuously to discover.

Even after my surgery, I am always happily helped by staff at Dr. Marashi’s office. He’s made time for me when I didn’t have an appointment. His office manager, Michelle has been super helpful and comforting. I feel that I am in good hands and am so happy to continue to visit his offices for my primary OB/GYN care.


Turi C.
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Dr. Marashi is amazing! I went to him for a corrective labiaplasty cosmetic procedure.

I originally went to a vaginal surgeon for an outer lip (majora) reconstruction in midtown Manhattan when I was 20 years old! I do not want to exploit this surgeon’s practice, so I will not specify, but at such a young age, I was not happy with how my outer lips protruded. I was even embarrassed to wear a bikini without shorts, afraid someone would notice.

Unfortunately, the midtown Manhattan surgeon made it look worse than it was! I became so tainted. I had not seen anyone in regards to its fixing it for five years! I somewhat hid the issue from myself by putting underwear on right after the shower and not looking at myself naked. I simply decided to ignore it, believing my vagina is a hopeless case anyway.

Years later (last year), it began to bother me again, psychologically. Surprisingly, there aren’t many gynecologists that offer this surgical procedure, especially close to my midtown Manhattan apartment. So, last year, I built up the courage and went back to the same doctor to fix his own work. With a significant discount and an apology, he redid his first surgery with a different sort of excision. After approximately four months of total recovery, there was an ultimate aesthetic improvement. The pain only lasted a week or so, but swelling took much longer to fully minimize. However, along with the results of this second surgery, came some asymmetry and more visibility of one side of my inner lip (minora) and I didn’t like it.

One year later (this year), and despite the two past surgeries, I was still not happy with myself nude. I’d still avoid standing in front of the mirror naked. I had to do something… again… 🙁

After hearing Dr. Marashi’s name a couple of times from some acquaintances, I scheduled a consultation with him. During my visit, he made me feel so comfortable. His tone of voice is very caring and understanding. He’s super easy to talk to and very knowledgeable and insightful. Even the practice manager, Michelle, was super warming during our chit chat about my unhappiness.

The overall concept of this sort of procedure is overwhelming as it is, but the two definitely put my mind much more at ease. What a difference from my midtown surgeon’s practice and the commute was less than twenty minutes from midtown Manhattan!

Now, it’s my first week of recovery after my third procedure! I already see the amazing results. The alignment is perfect! I am experiencing almost no pain and there’s barely any swelling. It’s like nothing happened. Also, I have been much more calm and far less “on edge” throughout this entire process, unlike my last two. Such a huge difference between the practices visited, physically, mentally, and emotionally!

I most highly and definitely recommend!! The most understanding, soothing, and calming ob/gyn I’ve ever come across. I highly recommend for regular visits too, but most definitely for vaginal surgeries and/or enhancements. Skip the “fancy” Manhattan cattle-mill-like vaginal surgical practices. They don’t compare!

Hope the world is ready for a more confident version of me!!

Thank you, Dr. Marashi!

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Jackie M.
Yelp Review

I was really satisfied with the service at this center. Staff was very welcoming and easy to talk to. I was impressed how receptionists assisted me in a very courteous and discreet manner. Nurses and the doctors were really patient and careful and the environment was clean and updated. I would recommend anyone to go to PBGS. It really deserves 5 stars. –Yelp

Ela G.
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I always have the best experience with everyone on staff. Dr. Irina Vozny and Dr Amir Marashi are the absolute best. They truly care about your well being and get to know you. They are top notch doctors which I will recommend to anyone. –Yelp

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Dr. Marashi and the entire staff are all excellent and while it can be a long wait time, it’s well worth. By far the best gynecologist or Doctor I’ve ever been seen by. He diagnosed me with a disease all mr previous OBGYNs had been ignoring for the last 12 years. –ZocDoc

Maria H.
ZocDoc Review

I’d like to thank all the staff and doctors from Professional Brooklyn Gynecology Service for the outstanding service and support given to me. I can’t express to you what that meant to me. Please don’t ever change. You are the best. Thanks. –Google

Irene T.
Yelp Review

The only thing I can say is this place is awesome!!! The staff was very professional and tended to my every need. Their isn’t one negative thing I can say about this place. Oh wait, it gets cold in here lol. I arrived for my appt early and was immediately set up and tended too. The office was very very clean and well organized. Each staff member said Good morning, shook my hand and was very helpful. They all seem very close and just all around nice people. I really loved the state of the art technology they use and the fact they the office didn’t cram us all in and treat us like animals. I hate to be given an appt time  and then I get there only to be the 10th person with the same appt time. This place gets 5 stars and I wish I could give more –Yelp

Shaquana A.
Yelp Review

I was really satisfied with the service at this center. He made me feel comfortable to discuss the issues I had. I understood everthing he explained to me. I look forward to my follow up visit, I also recommend all to try him at least once. You will not be disappointed. –ZocDoc

Antionette T.
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